Who's to Blame for the Attack in Orlando?

June 17, 2016

It’s Islam’s fault. It's the shooter's wife's fault. It's the FBI's fault. It’s Obama’s fault.  It’s Trump’s fault. It’s the NRA’s fault. It's Congress' fault.  I’ve heard just about everyone in the world blamed for the massacre that killed 49 people and wounded 50 others last week.  But what I think all of us need to consider is a question….was it MY fault?


While I didn’t pull any triggers, there are things I’ve said and done in my life that I know have an impact and influence on the violence, hatred, and idiocy that is plaguing our world.  I have made comments that I know people have taken out of context which seem to indicate I condone violence.  I have defended my own right to keep a gun (because I hunt for my food) without explaining that I don’t believe anyone needs an AR anything….or even an automatic shotgun or rifle, to hunt or for “fun”.  I have tried to explain the mindset of someone who gets sucked into a religious belief that is surely not from or of God, but in his or her mind, becomes more powerful than even the God they say they believe.  I have not spoken out as strongly against war and other kinds of violence as I should, and I have not dared to stop people when they post hateful words or words that condone such things.  So…is it my fault God?


The truth is, we are all partially guilty for the violence and hatred in our world, and our prayer should be, “O my God, how have I contributed to this and what needs to change in ME, before the world can change?” We need to claim some of the responsibility for the mess our world is in.  We've ALL contributed -- whether actively, or worse, by passively letting things get this far out of control without taking any action to try to stop it.  


The man who took the gun and pulled the trigger is responsible for what he did.  However, I think every one of us has to acknowledge the part we have played in creating the world he lived in.  Amen.

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