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On May 10, 1887, five Dickinson residents proposed a covenant to “walk together in the way of the Lord.”  The first church building, dedicated in 1888 and located at 144 First Avenue West, provided a home for the 147-member congregation.  They had a choir, a Sunday School, mid-week prayer meeting, the first Boy Scout Troop in Dickinson, the Relief Committee to aid the poor, and the Out-Reach Committee to welcome strangers.  The building was sold to the Salvation Army in 1920, at which time the church began meeting at the First National Bank.

During the first 30 years of the congregation’s life, 12 pastors served the church, celebrating 179 baptisms.  Most of them were by sprinkling, but occasionally they were by immersion.

In 1924 the cornerstone of the present building was laid, and for 18 years the church met in the finished basement.  Finally in 1942 the present sanctuary was completed with much fanfare and a front-page story in the Dickinson Press.  In 1964 the stained glass windows were installed and remain among the most beautiful in the area.

The church has sent two of its sons and one daughter into the Christian ministry, two missionaries to Turkey and several members on short-term mission trips.  In April 1961, the congregation unanimously ratified the proposed constitution of the United Church of Christ, a church of 2 million members in 6,000 local congregations.

In 2012 we celebrated our 125th anniversary and look forward to the next 12

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